Regardless of the wind turbine’s design, several bearings and drives require lubrication. The proper centralized lubrication system simplifies service tasks, extends the service interval, and protects from atmospheric conditions.   Automation offers Lincoln lubrication system solutions that are custom-tailored for applications on blade bearings, main bearing, yaw bearings, and generators.  Lincoln offers several options for Wind Turbines, Quicklube systems, Single-Line 603s /653s systems are specifically made for the harsh environments that wind turbines must endure.

Lincoln’s Quicklub Systems have been designed to meet the toughest requirements of lubrication of wind turbines with grease or adhesive lubricants. Typical applications in wind turbines are blade bearings, main bearings, and generators.

The newly-developed Single-line Lubrication System 603 S / 653 S system is specially designed for the requirements of wind turbines.   The 603s and 653 s systems consist of a pump 603 S, SE 1 l suction element, and AFB 10 container for used lubricant – installed inside a wind turbine.

• For rotating operation

• QSL metering devices suitable for high pressure

• For fast separating lubricants

The new Lincoln lubrication pinion made from wear-resistant polyurethane, was specially developed for the lubrication of gear drives. The lubrication pinion applies a 100%, constantly renewed lubrication film to the tooth flank, thus reducing wear and providing corrosion protection of the gear drive.