Automation Inc, offers Lincoln ALS for all your Heavy Construction Equipment, Excavators, Dozers, Trenchers, Scrapers, Pavers, Cranes, Hammers, Skid Steers, and much more.

Lincoln Quicklube ALS is a Single-line progressive automatic lubrication system for grease and oil with block-type metering valves.

In a Quicklub system, lubricant can be supplied either manually, with a grease gun, or through a fully automated system using electric or pneumatic pumps and progressive metering valves. More than a drilled manifold block, the SSV metering valve incorporates a series of metering pistons, which accurately dispense lubricant from each outlet. Visual monitoring is provided with an indicator pin, which confirms a valve has completed a full cycle.   The electric pumps feature a unique lightweight synthetic housing and are available with an integrated timer control unit.


  • Designed to provide a relatively simple and inexpensive method of centralizing or automating the lubrication process
  • Electrical pumps are vibration-resistant and shock-resistant for use on mobile equipment
  • Combine SSV divider valves with Helios two-line systems or Centro-Matic single-line systems
  • Solid block-type SSV metering valves will not leak under pressure

Lincoln Modular Lube ALS is a Single-line progressive system for grease and oil Pump-to-point lubricator for oil with segmented metering valves.

Progressive plunger systems lubricate many points, one after another. A pump moves grease or oil to the lubrication point via progressive metering valves. Modular Lube valves are custom-sized for each series of lubrication points and can be serviced without disturbing the primary installation. Equipped with the proper accessories, the system can also detect lubricant blockage.


  • Add or delete lubrication points without disturbing existing piping.
  • Requires less piping and tubing, reducing costs
  • Close piston-to-valve tolerances assure a positive stall against blockages
  • A modular concept allows faster changing of metering valve sizes

Lincoln Centro-Matic Single Line Parallel ALS is a Single-line parallel automatic lubrication systems for grease and oil.

Systems can service one machine, different zones on machines, or even several separate machines.  Regardless of the application, the central pump station automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to the injectors.  Each injector serves only one lubrication point and may be accurately adjusted to deliver the precise amount of grease of oil required.

Centro-Matic systems can be designed with air-operated, electric, manual or hydraulic pumps.


Easy to understand, install and maintain

Powerful pump units for large-scale systems

Injectors are externally adjustable for the correct amount of lubricant

Hammers drills work under the most difficult conditions and require daily lubrication to prevent pre-mature wear of the expensive main bushing. Lincoln offers three solutions for your hydraulic hammers: Cartridge pumps, Quicklub 203 reservoir pumps, and FlowMaster bucket pumps.

Lincoln offers two types of cartridge pumps (85426 single-shot pump and HTL 101 Hammer pump) both cartridge pumps travel with the hammer, provide consistent, accurate lubrication, and help manage and meet tool lubrication requirements.

The Quicklube Model 203 pump is available and is mounted on the carrier ideal for Large Hammers.

Lincoln has the Flowmaster for large capacity, long run-time applications.

The Lincoln Wire Rope Lubricator. It delivers highly effective lubrication in virtually any application that uses wire rope, including oil and gas rigs, wharf and ship cranes, deck winches, ship hoists, remotely operated vehicles such as cranes, and tow trucks and winding machines in mines.

This automatic lubrication system also reduces lubricant consumption, as it spreads the lubricant more evenly on the steel cable.