Automation, Inc. Jon Dodge (Auto Lube Technician) with assistance from Graco factory technicians (Jason Sperry GRACO District Manager. Dan Varon GRACO Construction and Mining Specialist.) installed a new Graco Compact Dyna-Star electric grease pump on a Caterpillar Inc. 988G wheel loader. The machine’s original auto lube system had failed, and the customer wished to update to the newer technology. They contacted Automation Inc., and we introduced them to the Compact Dyna-Star, paired with the GLC X Controller. Using a Smart Device and Mobile App, the customer can monitor lubrication levels, configure settings, track history, and share important diagnostics with service technicians.

We installed a ground-level fill valve with an automatic shutoff. This eliminates the need to climb onto the machine to fill the reservoir and prevents the reservoir from being overfilled and spilling grease onto the deck.

This Automation Installed Auto Lube System was installed on a CAT 349 Excavator. This customer is located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and can’t afford to have costly downtime. Our Automation Installed Auto Lube gives them the peace of mind that their machines are receiving proper lubrication.

The illuminated push button in the cab provides valuable feedback to the operator. It tells the operator when the system is greasing and provides a reservoir low-level alarm and a system fault alarm. It also functions as a manual override so the operator can give the machine more grease at any time.

Do you have peace of mind about your equipment lubrication?

Automation Inc has the solution for you. Let’s start a discussion and get you that peace of mind you deserve.

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Automation recently installed this Lincoln Industrial/SKF Group automated lubrication system on a Caterpillar Inc. 950M Wheel Loader. These Wheel Loaders get a lot of use in all kinds of weather and environments. An automated lubrication system gives this piece longer life and longer periods of time between scheduled #maintenance which overall saves the company money.

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Automation Inc performed service and maintenance on a customer’s Fluid Distribution System. The system pumps oil from bulk storage tanks to hose reels located throughout the shop. The Fluid Management System keeps track of how much fluid is dispensed and records it for billing and inventory purposes. 

Let us know if we can service and maintain your shop’s Fluid Distribution System.  

Troubleshooting Automated Greasing Systems

A customer contacted us that their CNC Machining Center was throwing a Lube Fault. Automation Technicians tested the system and found a blockage in a divider valve assembly. From our large inventory of GRACO Trabon parts, we were able to build a new valve and get the customer up and running.