Automation Inc would like to showcase SKF Lincolns dual-piston grease gun. Lubrication is crucial for ensuring that tools and machines continue to function in even the toughest of working environments. But it is often a time-consuming and awkward job, and when it’s not done correctly then either too much or too little lubrication is applied, meaning the tool can fail. That costs time and money. ​

Our solution to this issue is the SKF Lincoln dual-piston lever-action grease gun (Model 1154). It has a thumb-operated switch that allows it to toggle between high-volume and high-pressure, making it easier for technicians to quickly adjust the tool to match the lubrication requirements of the particular equipment. ​

The grease gun is ideal for users in vehicle repair garages, who need reliable, durable tools in rough working environments. Contact Automation Inc or any SKF dealer today.


Automation Inc. would like to showcase the Graco Grease Jockey lubrication pump and system. The Graco grease jockey increases fleet utilization, extending component life up to four times. Automatic lubrication continuously flushes contaminants and reduces friction. This also supports 50,000-mile service intervals, optimally lubricating when the vehicle needs it the most. The Grease Jockey system reduces operating costs, service more vehicles in less time.

Contact Automation Inc today and let us discuss how Graco Grease Jockey can best serve you and your equipment.

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