Bob Dodge, President & Owner of Automation

Bob brings over 30+ years of knowledge, he has done it all from sweeping the warehouse floors to doing installs. Recognized as an Automated lubrication specialist, having received years of certificates and training from major equipment manufacturers. He has the ability to design, install and service all types of lubrication systems. It’s not uncommon to find him doing both service work and installation work in the field in addition to running the company. He has been known to leave for the office in the morning in his business clothes and return home in his greasy clothes because a customer needed immediate help while he was at the office

His years of knowledge and experience have helped Automation become “THE” name for lubrication equipment in New England. 

Stephanie Dodge, Vice President & Account Coordinator

Stephanie has been with Automation Inc for 6 years. Not only is she the Vice President but she is also an account coordinator and human resource who covers everything from payroll, to hiring, and the one who streamlines everything so we have policies and procedures in place while making sure all our employees’ needs are met. Plus she is the President of Automation’s biggest fan ❤️!

Peter, Business Deployment Manager

Peter has been with Automation Inc for 8 years. He brings years of sales experience and product knowledge. Peter’s ability to listen to our customers’ needs and provide them with a viable solution makes him a valuable part of our team. 

Micah, Parts Customer Service Counter

Micah has been with Automation Inc for over 30+ years!

Micah runs our customer service counter. As a trained hose assembly technician, Micah’s acknowledgment has been proven to be invaluable to our customers for decades. He also manages the warehouse, shipping, and receiving.

Micah is recognized as the face of Automation Inc and our customers all rely on Micah to provide them with hoses, fittings, and parts to keep their machines running. 

Debbie, Executive Secretary

Debbie has been with Automation Inc for 20+ years and is the voice of Automation Inc. She handles all inside sales, invoicing, and customer service and quite frankly handles all the problems at Automation Inc. All our customers have come to learn and expect her to answer the phone and when someone else does answer the phone they kinda freak out and would rather be put on hold while waiting for Debbie to be available.

Morgan, Customer Service, Inside Sales & Purchasing Agent

Morgan has been with Automation Inc for 4 years. She is also an inside sales and purchasing agent & helps with accounts receivable and payables along with always being that friendly face while helping at our customer counter.  

Chris Haczynski, Inside Sales & Project Coordinator

Chris has been with Automation for 6+ years. He is our project coordinator and his tasks include scheduling installation jobs, service work, managing jobs, helping with customer service and inside sales, and providing our customers with technical assistance.

Chris is also Bob’s right hand