Why Automation Inc.

“Automation Inc. is a company known for being problem-solvers and solution-providers. We are a specialty industrial distributor, focusing on specialty hose and fittings, and automated lubrication systems — with a strong emphasis on sales, service, and support.”

Since 1966, Automation Inc. has become known as the trusted source for quality and competitively priced industrial lubrication systems, hose fittings, pneumatic pumps, and top-notch technical expertise.

Our skilled and experienced staff doesn’t just sell a lube system, a pump, or a hose fitting. They take the time to understand your project goals and develop the optimal money-saving solution for your specific situation.

Automation Inc. is the largest distributor of Lincoln lubrication products in New England. At our 5,000 square-foot headquarters, customers can visit the walk-in customer service center, which carries more brands of hoses & fittings than any other in Hartford County. We make, build, and repair all types of hydraulic and pneumatic pumps.

Automation Inc. is more than a parts distributor–we deliver value-added services to our customers. Quality, low prices, and service. We have found over the years that one of the biggest problems customers have today is getting reliable answers to their questions. Many times, customers come to us instead of the big box houses because of the years of knowledge our in-house sales and service team can offer. We provide solutions to our customers’ problems when they need more than just an off-the-shelf part, but we can certainly do that too.

We have found with lubrication systems that many customers don’t fully understand how they work. In today’s modern industrial factories, aggregate quarries, and heavy construction industry, we find the same problems–that the maintenance departments are understaffed and find themselves with less and less time for preventative maintenance. This is where Automation Inc and our Automatic Lubrication Systems come in. We become an extension of their maintenance department, it’s all part of our Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMI)