Precision Inventory Management for Above Ground Storage Tanks.

Remembering an installation at a Tank farm for one of our customers fleet maintenance facilities. Automation Inc has installed several OPW Integra precision inventory management systems for above-ground storage tanks. Our systems provide assurance to our customers in real-time of what is in their tanks.

The SiteSentinel® Integra 500™ tank gauge offers the industry’s most comprehensive tank monitoring capabilities including inventory management, environmental compliance testing and remote access to real-time inventory data.

The tank gauge’s Automatic Calibration and Reconciliation ensure in-depth and up-to-the-moment fuel monitoring. Statistical Leak Detection offers the continuous automatic in-tank leak-detection operation, while programmable Automatic Leak Detection will perform daily, weekly, monthly and annually required static leak tests when the system detects a quiet time.

The SiteSentinel® Integra 500™ also can enable cost savings through multi-drop technology, which decreases installation costs by reducing the number of wires to the probes, sensors, and leak-detection devices that are connected to the gauge’s internal I.S. module. With its Ethernet, USB, RS-232, and modem ports, the SiteSentinel® Integra 500™ tank gauge can accommodate the communication needs of every fueling operation.

A large color touchscreen provides one-touch access to a web-based interface, which provides online access to inventory information and facilitates remote training. In addition, all digital devices are automatically detected and configured, making it one of the most user-friendly tank gauges in the industry.

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Automation Inc is looking to hire a Field Technician and Lubrication Installer (Full-Time Position)

Are you looking for a career and not just a job? To work with professionals and be part of a growing team. Consider working for Automation Inc of West Hartford, CT, the largest distributor of name brand automated lubrication systems and fluid dispensing systems in New England. This is a unique opportunity to join a family-owned, industry-leading, employee-focused company.

Do you have two or more years of :

  • Heavy equipment or over-the-road mechanic experience?
  • Basic use and understanding of mechanics tools?
  • 12/24 VDC electrical experience?
  • Welding and fabricating experience?
  • A valid driver’s license and the ability to travel?

Responsibilities will include:

  • Completion of installation and service work at customer locations throughout New England and New York State.
  • Maintaining a clean and organized work area while at customer location.
  • Maintaining a clean and organized service vehicle.
  • Completing required paperwork accurately and on time, including timesheets, job folders, and job receipts.

Please apply using this link.

Recently Automation Inc performed a preventive maintenance inspection for an aerospace manufacturing company that has a CNC machine with a GRACO Trabon Lubriquip Lubrication system that was not working. They had spent months having other companies try to fix the problem. When they called Automation Inc one of our trained Lubrication technicians troubleshot the system and found the problem. Within one day the Lubrication system was up and running. When time is money, don’t mess around.

Have trouble with your Lubrication system? Call the Lubrication experts at Automation Inc.

They did, and their troubles went away. 

Contact Automation Inc today for a preventive maintenance inspection on your lubrication system.

Since 1966, Automation Inc. has become known as the trusted source for quality and competitively priced industrial lubrication systems, hose fittings, pneumatic pumps, and top-notch technical expertise. Automation Inc. is the largest distributor of Lincoln lubrication products in New England. At our 5,000 square-foot headquarters customers can visit the walk-in customer service center, which carries more brands of hoses &fittings than any other in Hartford County. We make, build and repair all types of hydraulic and pneumatic pumps.

Longevity: With over 54 years in Business, Automation Inc has grown to become one of the fastest-growing Lubrication System providers in New England, and now New York.   Bob Dodge (Owner/President) of Automation Inc has been with the company since 1988 and has the knowledge and passion for the products he sells.  

Reliability:  Automation is an authorized distributor of SKF Lincoln Lubrication Systems and Solutions for New England and Eastern New York State. As the exclusive authorized distributor for the construction market, Automation is required to have a totally self-sufficient installation and service vehicles. Our installation and service trucks have everything required to handle a complete installation or service call whether the installation takes place at a DOT Garage or at the bottom of an aggregate quarry.  We install it anywhere!  Mobile, Efficient, with No hassle installations.

Service:  Our skilled and experienced staff doesn’t just sell a lube system, a pump, or a hose fitting. They take the time to understand your project goals and develop the optimal money-saving solution for your specific situation.  We offer value-added technical expertise that will match the right lubrication system to a client’s specific needs.

Safety:  Automation, Inc. also provides on-site training to the dealers and at the end user’s facility. In addition, we run formal group training sessions for DOT and municipal foremen, mechanics, and fleet managers, where our knowledgeable technicians explain the features and benefits of entire systems.

“Automation Inc. is the largest and fastest-growing Lincoln/SKF distributor on the east coast of the United States” – Lincoln SKF

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