Distinguished Distributor Award

Recently Automation Inc was presented with the Distinguished Distributor Award for 2021 by SKF/Lincoln District Manager Scott Meyer. For over 55 years, Automation has partnered with SKF/Lincoln to provide sales, service, and installation to customers throughout New England and New York State.

Automation’s amazing team looks toward the future and continues to give outstanding sales and service to all its customers, both old and new.

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This Automation Installed Auto Lube System was installed on a CAT 349 Excavator. This customer is located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and can’t afford to have costly downtime. Our Automation Installed Auto Lube gives them the peace of mind that their machines are receiving proper lubrication.

The illuminated push button in the cab provides valuable feedback to the operator. It tells the operator when the system is greasing, provides a reservoir low-level alarm and a system fault alarm. It also functions as a manual override so the operator can give the machine more grease at any time.

Do you have peace of mind about your equipment lubrication?

Automation Inc has the solution for you. Let’s start a discussion and get you that peace of mind you deserve.


Automation recently installed this Lincoln Industrial/SKF Group automated lubrication system on a Caterpillar Inc. 950M Wheel Loader. These Wheel Loaders get a lot of use in all kinds of weather and environments. An automated lubrication system gives this piece longer life and longer periods of time between scheduled #maintenance which overall saves the company money.

Schedule your appointment to view the many options available for your equipment.

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This week Automation Inc performed service and maintenance on a customer’s Fluid Distribution System. The system pumps oil from bulk storage tanks to hose reels located throughout the shop. The Fluid Management System keeps track of how much fluid is dispensed and records it for billing and inventory purposes. 

Let us know if we can service and maintain your shop’s Fluid Distribution System.  

Since 1966, Automation Inc. has become known as the trusted source for quality and competitively priced industrial lubrication systems, hose fittings, pneumatic pumps, and top-notch technical expertise. Automation Inc. is the largest distributor of Lincoln lubrication products in New England. At our 5,000-square-foot headquarters, customers can visit the walk-in customer service center, which carries more brands of hoses &fittings than any other in Hartford County. We make, build and repair all types of hydraulic and pneumatic pumps.

Longevity: With over 54 years in Business, Automation Inc has grown to become one of the fastest-growing Lubrication System providers in New England, and now New York.   Bob Dodge (Owner/President) of Automation Inc has been with the company since 1988 and has the knowledge and passion for the products he sells.  

Reliability:  Automation is an authorized distributor of SKF Lincoln Lubrication Systems and Solutions for New England and Eastern New York State. As the exclusive authorized distributor for the construction market, Automation is required to have totally self-sufficient installation and service vehicles. Our installation and service trucks have everything required to handle a complete installation or service call whether the installation takes place at a DOT Garage or at the bottom of an aggregate quarry.  We install it anywhere!  Mobile, Efficient, with No hassle installations.

Service:  Our skilled and experienced staff doesn’t just sell a lube system, a pump, or a hose fitting. They take the time to understand your project goals and develop the optimal money-saving solution for your specific situation.  We offer value-added technical expertise that will match the right lubrication system to a client’s specific needs.

Safety:  Automation, Inc. also provides on-site training to the dealers and at the end user’s facility. In addition, we run formal group training sessions for DOT and municipal foremen, mechanics, and fleet managers, where our knowledgeable technicians explain the features and benefits of entire systems.

“Automation Inc. is the largest and fastest-growing Lincoln/SKF distributor on the east coast of the United States” – Lincoln SKF

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