We would like to showcase this SKF Group/Lincoln Industrial Power Greaser for Hydraulic Breakers. Hydraulic Hammers must be constantly lubricated to avoid costly downtime and repairs. Automation Inc offers the SKF Lincoln 24VDC Electric Grease Pumps specifically designed to sit in a 35# pail of Hammer Chisel Paste. Now, instead of the operator having to get out of the cab and greasing the hammer by hand every hour, it can now be done from inside the cab with the push of a button. Purchasing your hammer chisel paste in 35# pails is also a huge cost savings from 14 Oz cartridges. We supply our customers with Lubriplate Power Hammer Chisel Paste.

So if you’re an Equipment Renter who has Hammers and equipment or an owner, this is the best solution to your lubrication issues for your Hydraulic Hammers. Contact us today for more info.

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Graco Mining Lubrication Solutions

As a Graco dealer, Automation Inc would like to showcase Graco Mining lubrication solutions.

Graco has the proper solution to lubricating Powerful Mining equipment; as it is expensive to fix. Mining companies trust Graco to keep their largest machines up and running.

See more at their NEW mining solutions page: http://ow.ly/IkiI50Kobvu

or contact Automation Inc today to find the best solution for your mining equipment.

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Preventive Maintenance Inspections

One service that Automation, Inc. provides for our customers is Preventive Maintenance Inspections on Fluid Dispensing Systems at Vehicle Service Garages. We inspect all the fluid dispensing equipment, including pumps, tanks, and hose reels. Following the inspections, we can provide any service and repairs necessary to make the system 100% operational.

Automation Inc offers the Lincoln Industrial LFC6000 Fluid Management and Inventory Control System. The Lincoln LFC 6000 fluid inventory control and management system and LFC Enterprise software are designed to accurately track, monitor, and dispense fluids in vehicle service applications. Using a standard Internet browser to access the software, this fluid management system provides significant savings by operating up to 50 sites with one server installation.


This is the best skf/lincoln system on the market for your Vehicle Service Garages and facilities. Contact us today and let us design and install your system.

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This was a special installation for an Aluminum Mill on a Gradall XL 4240. The boom reaches through the furnace mouth at very high temperatures to skim dross and maintain furnace walls and bottoms. Automation used stainless steel tubing on the boom, and fire sleeves over the hoses on the carriage. Proving once again no job for us is too hot for us to handle. Contact Automation Inc today and let us design and install the perfect system for your equipment and company.

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A question that is often asked is, “What applications and industries could benefit from an Automated Lubrication System?”

The simplest answer is, “anything that has bearings or moving parts”.

But for a more detailed list of industries that could benefit and save man hours and money from installing an Automated Lubrication System, we have put some here for you:

  • Machine tools
  • Automation
  • On/Off-road machines
  • Construction, agriculture, and forestry machines
  • Mining and cement industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Railroad applications
  • Steel industry
  • Pulp and paper
  • Wind energy

To name but a few.

An Automated Lubrication System gives you the right lubricant, in the right quantity, at the right time, to the right lubrication point.

Centralized automatic lubrication systems are an effective way to increase machine availability while reducing reliance on scarce talent. These systems provide the appropriate lubrication quantity at the correct intervals, minimizing friction and wear and optimizing bearing and machinery service life.

Designed to lubricate individual machines or complete plants, automatic lubrication systems provide proper, precise lubricant replenishment to all required points, enabling a range of benefits in the process.

Some of the Benefits of an Automated Lubrication System are:

Significant savings in repair and spare costs

Increased machine reliability

Up to 50% savings in lubricant costs due to accurate timing and dosing of lubricants

Fewer shutdowns and production losses

Reduced environmental impact

Greater workers’ safety

We carry some of the Best Systems in the industry for your convenience. Contact Automation Inc today and let us design and install the best system for your company.

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Since 1966, Automation Inc. has become known as the trusted source for quality and competitively priced industrial lubrication systems, hose fittings, pneumatic pumps, and top-notch technical expertise. Automation Inc. is the largest distributor of Lincoln lubrication products in New England. At our 5,000-square-foot headquarters, customers can visit the walk-in customer service center, which carries more brands of hoses &fittings than any other in Hartford County. We make, build and repair all types of hydraulic and pneumatic pumps.

Longevity: With over 54 years in Business, Automation Inc has grown to become one of the fastest-growing Lubrication System providers in New England, and now New York.   Bob Dodge (Owner/President) of Automation Inc has been with the company since 1988 and has the knowledge and passion for the products he sells.  

Reliability:  Automation is an authorized distributor of SKF Lincoln Lubrication Systems and Solutions for New England and Eastern New York State. As the exclusive authorized distributor for the construction market, Automation is required to have totally self-sufficient installation and service vehicles. Our installation and service trucks have everything required to handle a complete installation or service call whether the installation takes place at a DOT Garage or at the bottom of an aggregate quarry.  We install it anywhere!  Mobile, Efficient, with No hassle installations.

Service:  Our skilled and experienced staff doesn’t just sell a lube system, a pump, or a hose fitting. They take the time to understand your project goals and develop the optimal money-saving solution for your specific situation.  We offer value-added technical expertise that will match the right lubrication system to a client’s specific needs.

Safety:  Automation, Inc. also provides on-site training to the dealers and at the end user’s facility. In addition, we run formal group training sessions for DOT and municipal foremen, mechanics, and fleet managers, where our knowledgeable technicians explain the features and benefits of entire systems.

“Automation Inc. is the largest and fastest-growing Lincoln/SKF distributor on the east coast of the United States” – Lincoln SKF